Members of a regular Bahá’í children’s class in Yarmag, Ulaanbatar, Mongolia.

In classes like this, children learn songs, stories, and quotations that teach them spiritual and moral values.

The classes are part of a curriculum developed by the Ruhi Institute, a Bahá’í educational institution in Colombia, that also acquaints the pupils with the history and principles of the Bahá’í Faith.

Children’s class teacher Uyangantsengel Dashtend (rear left), a designer by profession, holds classes for two groups of children three times a week.

Children are our future, Ms. Dashtend said. If we work with them, we will be guaranteeing the world we wish to help to build.

Baha’is hold about 85 children’s classes throughout Mongolia. The Bahá’í community also organizes regular study circles and prayer gatherings, which are open to Baha’is and the wider public.