A Bahá’í study circle organized by Baha’is in Muang Yasothan, Thailand.

The study circle meets twice a week and uses materials developed by the Ruhi Institute, a Bahá’í training organization in Colombia.

Baha’is throughout the world are participating in study circles to increase individual capacities to undertake a range of activities.

Such activities include teaching values to children, assisting others to independently investigate spiritual truths, and learning how to competently express one’s own views.

Participation is open to Baha’is and the wider community. The tutor of this study circle is Sulee Kaewprasert (third from left), a member of the Auxiliary Board. The other participants, all not Baha’is, are (left to right) Julalack Nuengpak, Jiraporn Thangkao, Supap Pansrinam, Suriya Sopatai.